Swimming pool waterfall: everything you need to know to have one

If having a pool at home is already synonymous of joy and sophistication, then imagine having a pool waterfall to make your leisure area ever more gorgeous! Could you imagine? This item can compose the decoration of the external area of your home very well, leaving the environment even more modern and with an amazing look! Even as a decorative element, the waterfall still provides a relaxing atmosphere with the noise of the water falling, in addition to highlighting even more the natural aspect of the place. And it can be improved, see? Currently the market offers several models of waterfalls that can vary according to the style of the residence, as well as the size and many other details to compose the pool. There are several materials, from lighting, luxurious or simpler models, concrete or even inlaid stone. 

How does a pool waterfall works?

The pool water is collected by equipment, called a motor pump, and directed to the pipe that is connected to the outlet of the jets, creating the effect of a waterfall. After the water falls into the waterfall, it is collected by the filter, along with the motor pump, and returned to the pool.

You can turn the cascade trigger on and off whenever you want. In addition, the waterfall can be installed along with the construction of the pool or afterwards. If you decide to install the waterfall at a later date, some adjustments will be necessary, both in the masonry and in the existing hydraulic lines.

What are the benefits of having a pool waterfall?

The use of the waterfall enhances the environment with a good dose of refinement. In addition to this charm, the waterfall provides a mild sound, a constant tranquilizer that produces an almost mystical energy capable of calming the mind of those who enter the place.

1. Waterfall contributes to the oxygenation of the water

A waterfall installed in the pool is a source of oxygen for the water. Ultimately, oxygenation is important for the chemical balance of the pool. A well-oxygenated water makes it possible to raise the pH of the water without changing the Total Alkalinity, very important parameters for achieving a truly healthy pool.

2. Waterfall enhances humidification of ambient air

The pool environment is usually quite humid. However, in periods of low air humidity, the waterfall enhances this benefit, making the pool environment an extremely pleasant place. This well-being applies to us humans and also to the vegetation around the pool. All plants in the pool environment benefit from the high humidity provided by the waterfall installation.

What to consider before choosing your pool waterfall?

Before investing in a waterfall, you need to observe some important details to choose the ideal model. Understand the importance of each factor:

Volume of water

Each waterfall has a different flow rate. For a large pool, it is interesting that the water flow is a little higher, if you want a good movement. This is important because a low flow waterfall may not be enough to move the water of a very large pool, diminishing the benefits mentioned above.


Each waterfall model will produce a different noise in the water, due to the jet it expels. So if you want a particular noise, pay attention to this aspect in each model.

Those that leak strong jets tend to put more weight on the surface and therefore make a louder noise. Those in the waterfall style produce a softer sound. Finally, the waterfalls that release threads of water have a softer sound. If you intend to have a waterfall to take advantage of the sound of the water as a way to relieve stress, then prefer those that produce softer and softer sounds, reminiscent of rain or waterfalls.

Pool size

The waterfall must match the size of the pool, both to circulate all the water and not to throw it out. A large waterfall in a small pool can cause a lot of agitation in the water and cause it to splash, for example. If your pool is large, it is possible to invest in a larger waterfall or even more than one of them, forming waterfalls. The end result is very beautiful and even allows more than one person to enjoy the waterfall at the same time.


You should choose your waterfall model according to where you decided to install it. It is interesting that it is visible and close to electrical energy sources. It is also recommended that the waterfall not be too close to the stairs, so as not to make it difficult to get in and out of the water. The waterfall can be installed on the edge of the pool, recessed into the wall, in a structure designated just for it as part of a landscape design, and even on the slab, forming a waterfall. Everything will depend on your space and the desired decoration.

How to choose the best waterfall models?

Currently, there is a wide variety of waterfall models available on the market, which can be adapted to the type of pool and the taste of each one. The waterfalls can be installed in outdoor pools or indoors, in the case of indoor pools.

The best waterfall for a pool is the one that meets what you are looking for while offering beauty, comfort and safety for bathers. If you are looking for inspiration and interesting models, visit the Aquanox Fountains website and check out the waterfall options available!

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