Check different pool exercises to improve your health

We already know that the use of the pool provides moments of fun, leisure, interaction and relaxation. But do you know how pool exercises can contribute to health and well being? For those who want to cool off without neglecting physical activities, there are several exercise options. After all, in addition to being an excellent form of leisure, the pool is the perfect place to train and keep your health up to date in the comfort of your home.

Pool exercises: an excellent way to maintain health

Exercising in the pool is an excellent way to stay healthy. The practice is perfect for those who have arthritis or osteoarthritis problems, because it generates less impact on the joints, in addition to improving the cardiorespiratory system and relieving stress.

Other than that, the strength to do the exercise is greater in the water, as it is denser than air – which helps to strengthen the muscles more quickly. Water reduces body weight by 50%, which makes physical activities much easier.

Physical exercises and some games in the water can offer benefits, such as reducing the impact on joints, improving the cardiorespiratory system, weight loss and decreasing abdominal fat. In addition to being delicious, they can also be practiced by the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

People of all ages can join water aerobics, for example, as long as the water is at chest level. It is mainly indicated for those who suffer from spinal problems, as it improves joint flexibility. And best of all, it can be done in the pool at home!

Discover pool exercises to practice in the pool at home

See some exercise options, but remember to request a physical evaluation from a specialist, before starting the practice. If possible, check your heart rate during gymnastics, which should be between 60% and 75% of the maximum for your age. And don’t forget to put on some upbeat music to help set the pace of activities and get your body moving.


This activity is quite simple and can be practiced by everyone, as the impacts are lessened by the water, unlike what happens when it is done on dry land.

Just do the same movements that are done out of the water. Start with a light walk and, as the days go by, increase your pace and time. Try walking from one edge to the other, trying to bring your knees up to your hips.

Attention: the more submerged your body is, the greater the difficulty and energy needed to overcome the resistance of the water. So respect your limits and act carefully.


Whatever your age, water aerobics is another highly recommended activity if you have a pool at home: the structure doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to be a certain depth. And if the water is warm, even better.

The weights and buoys already purchased for the aquatic functional circuit can be reused here. They facilitate body movements and help reduce impacts caused by the force of the water.

The most popular movements in water aerobics are the water kick, the side elevation with the help of weights, and the sit-up. All can be performed in about 4 sets of up to 30 repetitions.


For those who have a pool at home and want to lose weight, the functional aquatic circuit brings an excellent proposal. With it, the caloric burn is significant. You can buy water resistant weights, usually made of plastic, to get you started.

The floats known as “spaghetti” are also part of this practice. In it, runs and walks are interspersed along the entire length of the pool, with quick changes from clockwise to counterclockwise.

Weights and buoys are used to move arms and legs when pressing down on the water. It is even possible to perform sit-ups, which further intensify the results in the body.


Volleyball or water polo provides several benefits to those who practice them, such as strengthening the cardiovascular system and increasing strength and physical endurance. We can also add the improvement in flexibility provided by the need for quick movements.


Slackline is a pool exercises in which the person needs to balance himself under a narrow and flexible strap that is tied a few centimeters from the ground, in this case it will be under the pool. In this way, the main benefit of this sport is to improve balance, since it is not possible to stand on the tape without a good balance ability.

Exclusive tip about pool exercices:

For every 45 minutes of exercise in the pool, an average of 400 calories are burned. Do this three times a week and you will feel the results within a few days. The ideal is to do the activity for three consecutive weeks, at least, to notice the results. Some say that even sleep improves after regular water aerobics. Does having a pool at home help you to lead a healthy life? Visit our website and check out the pool options available!

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