Step by step to keep your pool clean in summer

How about enjoying a refreshing pool in the summer? The idea sounds good, doesn’t it? But did you know that to enjoy it with tranquility and safety, you have to keep your pool always well cared for?

Pool maintenance and proper water treatment are essential if you want to preserve your health and that of your family.

Why should pool maintenance in summer be more frequent?

As this season of the year the pool is very used, it is necessary to add chlorine every day. There is a high turnover of people and for this reason it is essential to prevent possible transmission of diseases and proliferation of microorganisms that increase in the heat.

The ideal is to increase chlorination, pH control and filtration. Care must be recurrent and daily. Did you know that with excess sun, chlorine dissolves faster? The amount of impurities also increases at this time of year.

Step by step to keep your pool clean in summer

But how to keep a pool clean in the summer so you can enjoy the company of family and friends? Next, we’ll take you step-by-step to keep everything in order with your pool in the hottest season of the year.

1. Increase the frequency of maintenance

Both because of the heat, the rains that increase at this time of year and also because of the more intense use, swimming pools need special attention in summer. You’ll need to take more care of your pool’s filtration, more intensively control the pH of the water, and also increase the frequency with which you chlorinate.

And care is not limited to the chemical treatment of water. It is important to carry out more constant maintenance and checking services throughout the period to ensure safety.

In summer, the maintenance and cleaning of a pool should be much more frequent than on cold days.

2. Strengthen cleaning

Some of the precautions to be taken in a swimming pool are brushing the wall and floor tiles, as well as the edges, using a suction device to carefully remove what is deposited on the bottom or in the corners.

You should also remove dirt that is on the surface of the water, such as leaves and insects. Typically, using nets is sufficient for this type of collection.

As the pool is being used more than on cold days, there is a greater accumulation of dirt from sunscreen, for example. Physical cleaning should be reinforced, done once or twice a week in the hot season.

3. Increase filtration

Another important aspect that is part of the physical care of the pool is water filtration. The filtration time should be longer in the summer, as impurities in the water tend to increase with more continuous use of the pool on hot days.

Water filtration should also be done at least weekly or twice a week, as needed. For greater filtration efficiency, clean the skimmer first, also known as a sieve, to remove accumulated dirt and free the passage of water.

4. Keeping an eye on water treatment

If the pool does not receive the necessary care, its use can bring several dangers and damage to health. Water that is not treated frequently can accumulate fungi, bacteria, and other impurities. This can cause the so famous mycoses, even more serious diseases.

5. Do the daily chlorination

In summer, you should chlorinate your pool daily, this will prevent the water from getting cloudy. The excess of sun on the pool makes the chlorine decompose more easily and, therefore, it is necessary to replace it daily.

6. Control the pH

The use of chemicals is essential to make the water crystal clear and healthy. But it is also important to maintain the balance of these elements present in the water, to ensure a healthy pool. You should measure alkalinity and pH levels constantly in the summer, as you are chlorinating every day, in addition to applying other products for physical cleaning. When a pool does not have adequate pH control, its water can cause damage to the skin and hair, as well as eye irritation.

7. Cover the pool

Did you follow all the tips and care? Now just cover your pool! The cover is a great way to protect the pool from pollution and dirt and maintain water quality. So, just find out to use it again and enjoy the summer.

Step by step to keep your pool clean in summer

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