7 good reasons to enjoy the pool during pregnancy

Everyone has heard that swimming is one of the best exercises out there. After all, in addition to being good for all systems and muscle groups in our body, it can be done at the most varied intensities and by people of all levels of physical conditioning. However, when we talk about using the pool during pregnancy, many people have doubts about whether pregnant women can enter the pool. In principle, the answer is yes and it can be beneficial, however, there are limitations that must be respected for the health of the mother and baby.

Can pregnant women exercise in the pool?

Body weight decreases by about 90% in the water, which ends up reducing the impact on joints and aerobic movements of any exercise in the pool, which is an advantage for pregnant womenIn addition, water also reduces thermal stress, that is, maternal body temperature within safe levels for the fetus, ensuring greater physical and mental relief for the pregnant woman. So, in addition to the pregnant woman being able to enjoy the moments in the pool, this leisure provides many benefits and contributes even more when aligned with physical exercises. So, if you’re thinking about starting, consult your doctor and plan ahead.

To relax and refresh: 7 reasons to enjoy the pool during pregnancy

Next, we list good reasons for future moms to safely enjoy the pool and show that, contrary to what many people still think, this environment can be a great ally when it comes to a healthier and more fun pregnancy.

1. Exercise is easy

Swimming is a perfect exercise for pregnancy because the expectant mother doesn’t have to exert a lot of effort. Not to mention that, in addition to relieving tiredness, a good dip also helps to stimulate the muscle groups in the legs, back and arms, areas that are usually quite painful during this period.

2. The environment is safe

When doing an exercise in the pool, you are sure to move lightly, reducing the intensity of any possible impact and avoiding sudden movements. Remember that water is able to support your weight and, with that, you also protect joints and ligaments from possible injuries.

3. Relieves swelling

Not everyone knows, but time in the pool helps fight a major pregnancy villain: bloating. That’s because, by submerging your body in water, you significantly increase blood circulation while relieving pressure on your legs and back, deflating your feet and calves.

4. Reduce back pressure

As the pregnancy progresses and the belly grows, the pressure on the back also increases greatly, a natural reflection of the forced curvature of the spine that pushes the shoulders forward and keeps the pelvis out of alignment. In this sense, swimming not only helps in strengthening the muscles of the back, but also contributes to the momentary relief of this pressure.

5. Helps keep your health up to date

Swimming or doing other exercises in the pool during pregnancy helps keep you healthy. It can even be difficult to find more comfortable modalities to practice during pregnancy, but it is important to keep the body healthy to avoid complications, such as gestational diabetes, for example. Here, the pool contributes a lot and does not aggravate other pregnancy discomforts.

6. Increases blood oxygenation

The cardiovascular health of expectant mothers also gets an upgrade with regular exercise in the pool. After all, aerobic movements during pregnancy are good for the pregnant woman and the baby, as they strengthen the heart and increase its efficiency, stabilizing oxygen levels in the blood.

7. Stabilizes body temperature

We can’t forget that using the pool during pregnancy is also a safe and delicious way to fight the heat, isn’t it? Let’s face it, practicing traditional exercises on hot days is naturally more complicated — imagine carrying a few extra pounds! In the pool, the water will keep the body cool and comfortable, even encouraging pregnant women to make it a habit.

And attention: keeping the pool water well treated is essential!

Finally, a recommendation that is valid for both pregnant women and other bathers: avoiding the use of dirty pools and without proper chemical treatment is a matter of health and common sense.

Therefore, always pay attention to the quality of the water: at home or in clubs, the pool must be properly sanitized to ensure all the benefits for mothers and their babies!

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