To have or not to have a swimming pool at home? We clarify 6 questions on the subject.

Having a swimming pool at home is the dream of many people, especially in regions with hot weather. However, this decision can raise many doubts, such as whether it is an investment that is really worth it and whether it is possible to maintain the pool with safety and quality. In addition, it is necessary to consider the available space and the needs of the family.

One of the main advantages of having a swimming pool at home is convenience. With it, it is possible to cool off on hot days without leaving home or facing crowds in clubs and beaches. In addition, a swimming pool at home can be a great way to encourage physical activity and social interaction among family and friends.

However, it is important to remember that having a swimming pool at home also brings responsibilities. It is necessary to invest in safety equipment, such as fences, covers, and alarms, as well as perform regular maintenance to ensure water quality and the safety of swimmers. Additionally, the available space for installing the pool, as well as potential construction and maintenance costs, must also be taken into consideration.


  • Having a pool at home is expensive

Those who think that having a pool at home generates a lot of expenses need to reconsider some situations. The first one is that nowadays it is no longer necessary to resort to a specialized company to do its maintenance. There are several products on the market that simplify this task and make pool cleaning possible for the owner.

Still considering the financial issue, when thinking about building a pool, it is interesting to keep in mind the appreciation of the property. Having it in your home will represent an increase of 20% to 30% in value for a future sale, not to mention that the presence of the pool in the leisure area contributes to closing the deal in 80% of cases.

So, when putting the costs of building and maintaining the pool on paper, take these factors into account and, of course, think about the quality of life that a pool will bring to your family, becoming a space for physical exercise, to receive friends and to have moments of great fun. At the end of the calculations, you will surely identify whether the cost-benefit will be worth it.

  • Cleaning the pool is very laborious

This issue is directly related to the previous one. But nowadays, it is enough to make sure that the equipment is properly maintained so that they do most of the work themselves. In most cases, they should be inspected at the beginning of spring for pH corrections and necessary cleaning after a period of non-use, which usually happens in colder seasons.

  • People with a pool at home almost never use it

You have probably heard this statement before, haven’t you? It is based on the belief that we always end up undervaluing things that are accessible. Sometimes, it may even be true, but it is far from being a rule. The habits of using the pool will depend on each owner, their routine, lifestyle, and even the place where they live.

Families living in regions with mild winters, for example, have more possibilities to enjoy the pool throughout the year even without a water heating system. Those who live in places where winter is harsh have less chances of using it in the cooler months unless they invest in some heating system.

Even so, family and individual characteristics still weigh. Families with children generally take more advantage of it. Some people like to relax alone, others only remember the pool when they receive visitors. Anyway, the fact is that there is no rule. It is interesting to analyze the type of person you are and the family you have to decide whether or not to invest in a pool.

  • A pool is a danger to children and pets

A pool can indeed be dangerous for children and pets. But many other things we have at home are too, don’t you agree? We just have to think about kitchen utensils or cleaning products, for example. So, just as it is up to adults to supervise children and pets so that they do not suffer domestic accidents, it is their responsibility to ensure that the pool area is safe as well.

Also, make sure that an adult always accompanies children’s pool bath, making them use floats and life jackets. The same goes for pets, as many of them also like to refresh themselves in the pool and know how to swim.

  • Pool consumes a lot of water

A common fear for those considering building a pool at home is that it will result in a huge water expense. However, this is not necessarily true. After the pool is filled, following a few tips can save water, such as covering it with a cover, reusing drained water, frequently inspecting the structure for leaks, regulating the pump and filter, and properly maintaining it. To learn more about practicing these recommendations, click here and check out our article on the subject!

  • Pool takes up a lot of space

Yes, a pool does take up space. However, whether it’s too much or too little is relative. There are several types of pools on the market to meet everyone’s needs and budget. The important thing is to analyze the characteristics and advantages of each material. We have also discussed this on our blog, presenting fiberglass, vinyl, masonry, and stainless steel pools. Click here and check it out!

So, should you have a pool at home or not?

We hope this article helps you answer that question. And if, after considering all the issues, you decide that it’s really worth having a pool at home, count on the Exclusive portfolio of pools to build a leisure, joy, and fun space for the whole family!

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